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Aerolift Logistics Ltd. offers reliable and efficient transport and logistic solutions. Our scope of business includes freight transportation by road, by air and by sea. Inseparable part of our daily activities are auxiliary services to help our numerous clients: customs brokerage, commercial consultancy, insurance, warehousing, commodity packing and distribution.

Based on our employees' extensive experience in logistics, we zealously strive for providing high quality services and protection of our customers' interests. We never render services at all costs, however we do not spare any costs at all to guarantee freight security, keep delivery time lines and minimize transport costs.

Just come and choose Aerolift Logistics' services and feel our personal attitute: speed style, 24/7, a non stop value-added benefit to Your products or services. If this is what you're really after, do not waste Your time, come and join us! Welcome aboard!

Our service portfolio consists of:

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